Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tired eyes? Code on the dark side.

If you have a Mac, press ctrl-alt-command+8 and the screen colours invert.  Great for the eyes.  I wonder how many other obscure useful key combinations are hiding in OSX for me to discover?

I've been trying out IntelliJ IDEA again today and love the new "Darcular" theme that makes is easy on the eyes, especially at night. I do think that, given time, I would come to prefer it over Eclipse.  It seems everybody does.  The basic premise that a comercial product will have less bugs and more features holds true because they have more incentive to keep customers happy.

This week however, I do not have the time to re-learn all the keybindings and figure out where the configuration options are.  Once again I've put it aside till another day... or decade.

1 comment:

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